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Congratulations! You've taken the first and most important step towards achieving your goals.... you've found this 90 Day Goals Journal designed to start you on the journey towards setting and achieving your dream goal!


Getting started is more than half the battle! It reinforces your belief to yourself that your goal is worth pursuing. It signals to your subconscious that something new has happened and that it should take note. It also indicates to others that you're taking your stated goals seriously!


Getting started in a tangible way is so important.... That's what these 90+ pages are for. Over the next 13 weeks, you'll workshop your goals, find inspiration in daily affirmations and create tangible daily and weekly milestones to bring your dream goal to life. Now let's work your plan into achievable action!!

$24.99 Paperback

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Publication Date: Apr 2, 2022

Language: English

ISBN: 9781458308139

Category: Personal Growth

Copyright: All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License

Contributors By (author): Tanisha Chea

Pages: 99, Full Color

Dimensions: 8.5 x 11in/ 216 x 279mm

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